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  • Visioning Results - Review & Discuss

    about 1 year ago
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    Visioning Workshop Results - Review and Discussion for Task Force Members

    During the November 18th workshop, Task Force members participated in an interactive visioning session to develop responses to the question “What would a resilient Salem of 2050 be like?

    Since there wasn’t adequate time to finish the brainstorming exercise during the workshop, the Verdis Group team has since clarified the ideas, organized them, and named the eight main categories into which the ideas fell.

    Now we’re asking the Task Force members to please review this document and provide any comments you may have using the tool below. The goal of this exercise is to refine this Vision document. We are also now gathering input from the public on their ideas for a resilient Salem of 2050. Their input will be incorporated into the next version of this document so that we will have a more complete picture of where the Salem community would like to go over the next 30 years to become a more climate resilient city.

    This Vision document will serve as a guiding light during the project to help remind all stakeholders of where we are headed. Note that it does not necessarily form the chapters of the Climate Action Plan. That will be done after the next two Planning Pillars (Vulnerability Assessment and Strategy Development). 

    Please do the following:

    1. Click on the image below to access the full PDF document. Download the document to your computer and review it. Consider the following questions:
      1. What stands out to you?
      2. What’s missing?
      3. Is there any wording that should be changed or improved?
      4. Do any ideas seem misplaced?
    2. After you’ve had a chance to review, come back to this page and enter your comments in the text box below. Please post one comment for each piece of feedback you have. If you have multiple points you want to make, please enter them separately. That will allow others to comment on your ideas one by one. 
    3. Read the comments that other Task Force members have posted on this page. You can “like” or comment on their ideas. This tool is similar to a Facebook or Twitter feed, but it is only available to Task Force members. Your comments will not be seen by the public (unless someone shares the link to this page with non-TF-members or someone submits a FOIA request).
    4. Please complete this activity by December 11th. If you have questions, please contact SalemCAP@cityofsalem.net.

    Click the image above to view and download the document.

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