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  • Moving to Pillar 2: Vulnerability Assessment

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    As we wrap up the Visioning activities, we are transitioning into our second pillar: Vulnerability Assessment. During this second phase of the planning process, we will be conducting an analysis to identify the ways that Salem is most vulnerable to climate change. Look for opportunities to participate coming in January!

  • Visioning Activities Now Closed

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    The mapping activity and the Envisioning a Resilient Salem activity on the Visioning page are now closed. Stay tuned for communications sharing out the results of the Visioning pillar.

  • New Visioning Activity Available

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    New Visioning Activity Available!

    Exciting news! There is a new activity available on the Visioning page of SalemClimateActionPlan.com! Below are some updates regarding this activity and participation in this first planning pillar.

    Envisioning a Resilient Salem Activity

    During the first workshop, the Task Force was asked to share their ideas about what a resilient Salem of 2050 would look like. We’d like to ask you the same question and to invite you to share your ideas about what a thriving Salem could look like in the future. Visit the Visioning page and click “Add Your Visioning Ideas” to start sharing your input. This activity will be available until December 11.

    Task Force Workshop 1: Visioning

    The first Task Force workshop was livestreamed on 11/18; the recording is available on the Visioning page.

    Mapping Activity: Mark your favorite thing about Salem!

    Help us understand Salem’s existing strengths by dropping a pin and adding a comment/photo about your favorite aspect of Salem. Available on the Visioning page.

    Community Survey Results

    We invited the public to share their perspectives on the City and their opinions about climate change in a survey that ran October 21 - November 4. Thank you to all of you who participated! Many of you shared detailed responses to open-ended questions, which provided a robust set of data to analyze. Input gathered from this survey will be integrated with the work of the Climate Action Task Force to develop a Climate Action Plan that reflects the views and insight of the community at large.

    The full survey report is available on the Project Resources page; below are some highlights:

    • Nearly 500 completed responses
    • 73% of respondents definitely or somewhat agree that it is important for Salem to create a Climate Action Plan
    • 77% of respondents are very or somewhat worried about climate change
    • Salem’s top identified strength was its natural environment, including green spaces/parks in the City and access to the mountains and coast
    • Salem’s top identified struggle was homelessness/lack of affordable housing
    • 58% of respondents expressed concern about increased extreme weather events caused by climate change
    • Respondents identified leadership/politics as the primary barrier to Salem addressing climate change

    If you have questions, please reach out to SalemCAP@cityofsalem.net.

  • Community Survey Closed

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    The community survey is now closed. There will be further opportunities to share your input throughout the planning process, so stay tuned!

  • Community Survey Live

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    Community Survey Live!

    Your first opportunity to participate in the Climate Action Plan is live!

    We just launched a community survey on the Salem Climate Action Plan website, where we hope you’ll share your views on Salem and climate change. By filling out the survey, you’ll help us understand Salem’s distinctive characteristics, strengths, where we’re vulnerable, and more. Your insight as part of the Salem community is critical, so head over to SalemClimateActionPlan.com to help us start building a resilient community!

    Deadline for completing the survey is November 4.

    This survey is open to the public between October 21 and November 4. Please share the link with your local family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and let them know we need their input too.

    The survey should take around 8-10 minutes to complete and is confidential. If you would prefer to take the survey in another language, select your language under “Translate This Page” in the top right corner of your browser.

    If you need help completing the survey, please call 503-588-6211 or email SalemCAP@cityofsalem.net. Printed materials, accessibility services, or other accommodations for completing the survey will be provided upon request.

  • Welcome to SalemClimateActionPlan.com!

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    Welcome to SalemClimateActionPlan.com!

    Thank you for registering and joining us on this journey. Registering on this site for the City of Salem’s climate action planning process allows you to participate in a series of engagement activities, where you will be able to share your ideas and feedback on the Climate Action Plan (CAP).

    We live in a changing climate as evidenced by floods, drought, and unprecedented fires across the state. The CAP will describe the strategies and actions Salem can take to mitigate and adapt to climate change and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Through the CAP planning process, the community can help frame the vision for a thriving, resilient Salem for decades to come. Our hope is that you, your family, friends, neighbors, and residents from across Salem will share your input on the site throughout the development of the CAP to help co-create a plan that is equitable and inclusive of a diverse range of perspectives.

    Overview of the Website

    SalemClimateActionPlan.com serves as the hub for engagement and information about the CAP. For now, the site consists of a number of informational pages to introduce visitors to the project. Check out the Our Process page to find out more about what will happen over the next 16 months, click on About Climate Change to learn more about the global issue of climate change, or review the documents available on the Project Resources page. As the project unfolds, pages will be added for each phase of the planning process, where you will be able to live stream the Task Force Workshops, ask questions, and participate in interactive activities. When new information and activities are added to the site, you will receive an email inviting you to join the conversation.

    Upcoming Activities

    October 19 - November 2: Public survey (accessible without registration)

    November: Visioning

    Live stream Task Force Workshop #1 + real-time Q&A

    “Envisioning a Resilient Salem”: highlight your favorite places and memories in Salem and share your ideas for the future

    Share this website with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, and ask them to register so they can stay informed throughout the planning process and participate in the online engagement activities too!

Page published: 21 December 2020, 18:32